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“Content is King” is The mantra of marketers. We have been hearing this for years, but all content is not created equal. 

With everyone shouting into the void there is too much noise out there. Building content that aims at engaging instead of content for content’s sake is key.

Marketers need to focus on the “WHY” vs. “HOW” they are better than the rest.


The key is to understand the pain.

Companies and marketers must dive deep into understanding competitive products/services, the positives, and negatives, consumer reviews & pain points. Understanding and identifying the market gap you are selling into, is vital.

Marketers’ approach cannot be “solution looking for a problem”, the key is to elevate the audience’s pain point to a level where they will take action to solve it. Content needs to address this and introduce the products/services focusing on the problem it is trying to solve.


Audiences today are incredibly well-informed and do not respond to marketing fluff. The result?

Truth and credibility win every time.

Today prospects look at a product or service and their first thought is “why?”. This is where truthful unfabricated content proves itself.

Simple unbiased content elevates a brand in the eyes of the audience and builds credibility like nothing else.


With all the noise out there, it is crucial to have content that drives audience response.

Communication that combines visual and written content, is king. 

Experts claim two-thirds of all humans are visual learners and that 90% of information absorbed by the human brain is visual in its nature. To get traction from both, marketers must strike a balance between visual & written content.

A visually striking asset without the right content is dead in the water and the same goes with lengthy written content without visual appeal or thought for attention spans.

Creating good content is one part, disseminating content and the type of content via the right channels and to the right people, is the other, more critical part. Great content is worthless if the right audience never sees it.


Getting the content out there depends on defining the correct audience, the objectives, and the right tools.

While this is the most important place to start, I have a few add-ons to the above.

  • Your content strategy must be a two-way street between the audience and yourself. conducting live streams and, engaging in conversations can help in better communication with your audience.
  • Messages which evoke shared values, plans, and objectives go a long way. A communication strategy that is an amalgamation of all these drives audiences to resonate with your brand.
  • Keeping communication open with those who have already endorsed your brand is gold. User-generated content in most cases exhibits authenticity and has higher engagement. Audiences will often rely more on user-generated content when it comes to making a purchase decision.

A good content strategy is a mix of many things and is ever-evolving. While creating great content is a big part of your content strategy, keeping the content relevant is of equal importance. Hence, content must always be well-researched, updated & informative, to be able to influence decisions.

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