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Content is an essential aspect for a B2B marketer, but it’s still not easy to get leads. 97% of B2B buyers depend on content to research before making purchase decisions, as per the Demand Gen Report survey. On the other hand, 34% of buyers claim they now have less time than before to research their purchases. In other words, content marketers must become accustomed. There’s a time crunch, and we’re only going to have less of it in the future.

Shorter, Better, Faster

Demand Gen report indicates that shorter content formats are preferred by 46% of the B2B buyers, although some content marketers can get bothered by these statistics. Though there are strategies that can boost shorter formats. 76% of prospects prefer companies to support their content with more research and data; more benchmarking information is preferred by 62%, and 61% more insight from industry.

Just content and format aren’t the only demands that B2B professionals have. It also impacts access. Easier access to content is preferred by 71%, according to the survey.

Right Message, Right Person

In content types, content that endorses a formulaic solution is preferred by 96% of the marketers. “3 Tips for Sales and Marketing Alignment” Or “7 Steps to Success” are the titles of prescriptive content. Nevertheless, among B2B buyers that are researching purchase decisions, quality content is what that matters, and irrelevant content is not abided by the B2B marketers:

  • Content personalized to their business needs is preferred by 67% of prospects
  • Content steady with their industry is preferred by 64% of prospects
  • Content detailed to their vertical is asked by 49% of prospects

Know what your prospect is thinking and want

Prescriptive content is already created by the savviest marketers. B2B websites are loaded with step-by-step infographics, “How to” Guides, and eBooks that offer simple solutions to complex problems. Whatever the prescription, it’s probable that a company’s product belongs to its core. This is not surprising. As per the Content Marketing Institute, 54% of B2B marketers claim that it is difficult to generate engaging content. Empathy for their prospects is a must, and marketers must react to and feel their prospects’ pain points as if they were their own.

Also, it’s a B2B marketer’s job to elevate their brand and attract more prospects to be interested in their products and solutions. So, it’s expected first to consider the product and create content around it. For an overall nurturing campaign, this kind of content is essential. Content that produces leads also requires marketers to listen, which comes at an early stage. An incredible amount of data is available for content creation. It’s much easier for marketers to be empathetic to their prospects and the topics their prospects are actually researching on.

Unimpressed and Overwhelmed

Lastly, the Demand Gen report states that by the amount of content available, 46% of buyers are overwhelmed. Indeed, there is an excess of B2B webinars, infographics, whitepapers, videos, and eBooks. Even when most of them are good, yet most of them may not be that insightful: statistics presented without analysis, real purpose lacking whitepapers, infographics that just bring up well-known statistics.

Final Thoughts

Content is not an end in itself, and marketers shouldn’t waste their prospects’ time. If the content isn’t helpful or relevant or only tells them what they are already aware of, they’re doing more harm than good.

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