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Emotions play a significant role in purchasing, and decision-making is not always rational- and that holds true even for the B2B marketers. It’s a pressing need for the times we are in, and all the more important for sellers across to address and recognize this. That is why the marketers coach and enable their sales team – pre-and post-sales to help clients with the various emotions of buying, owning, and succeeding with their solutions. Let’s see how sellers continue to offer optimal customer experience to their buyers in today’s business environment.

Steps to Enhance Customer Experience

With the buyer stress at an all-time high, communication has never been more critical. Turnaround time on buyer requests has witnessed a slow-down, and simple efforts such as staying in touch and taking mini-progress updates reduce tension on the buyers’ side. In the current scenario, a trustworthy source of information is always appreciated by the buyers.

Marketers should convey objective insights and information to help buyers guard short term investments and move forward. Marketers should ensure their clients have access to all the best decision-making inputs, not just concerning their solution.

The Rules to Start With

Marketers have to think about how they can help customers reinforce their ability to get back as they come out of this. Therefore, the first rule for marketers is to understand their customer’s situation relative to their own.

For the next rule, marketers should assess all they can do based on how it impacts their customers and their business. They have to choose the ones that will matter more to customers than they do to marketers. Considering that just getting their jobs done, the prospects juggle with a lot of back-to-back calls. Opening words should be efficient and empathetic. Additionally, as advanced encryption standards face challenges, consider redeploying some of the marketers’ top SDRs to assist with the coverage of accounts where they need better broader coverage outbound and higher accessibility and higher touch inbound.

Ensure the Message Is on Point

What marketers say and how they communicate is crucial since they’re perceived and received by the customer. Better insights into a customer’s concerns and needs help the marketers prepare much better in the content they build and how they advertise it. Also, this entails too much work training people on a toolset.

The customer success teams play an essential role for the customers to line them more at ingesting information.  The ability to incorporate the information into processes makes it the right choice. With everything in front of the customers, good customer success teams can take on some of the heavy lifting needed to forward. Improved customer success equals a better customer experience, which means a better outcome.

Identify and Adapt to Changing Buying Behavior

The go-to-market teams should be more curious about their prospects and more supple in responding to actual market evidence that can pivot past what they think they should do and what account behaviors tell them about what is happening. This is observed more obviously in the use of personas. Often personas signify over-simplification of the deal-in-process. Various teams stay stuck in their belief that they should ignore signals they have been receiving from the prospects that don’t match persona frameworks. Currently, this could have become even more problematic.

For an extremely fluid business environment, shifting priorities are witnessed within the companies. Therefore, inside buying teams, the dynamics are shifting, which sellers must adapt to. The customer experience delivered to the buying group must include buying group dynamics that are carried out quicker than historical modeling and experience can prepare the marketers for. Real behavioral insights at the individual level – people, functions, and roles – create a roadmap to help your teams adjust to the dynamics.

Final Thoughts

The business environment is unpredictable and fluctuating. Buying priorities are ever-changing, and buyers’ emotions are always running high. The marketers must think about how they can help customers help them when the market situation improves and evolves. The marketers must be concerned with customers’ emotions, respectful of their time, and leverage behavioral understandings to help marketers get a better idea of their customer’s needs and be more relevant. Most importantly, the marketers must remain calm and lend confidence and help build trust to assist buyers with the way forward now and for the next several quarters.

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