The spread of this deadly virus has affected one and all and ramifications have been seismic. Along with the social and economic upheaval, Covid-19 has had a tangible impact on the buying behaviors of businesses. Although the things may have slowed down, it hasn’t come to a complete halt. It’s a disorienting time for businesses, but B2B sales reps and marketers are still taking productive actions that position them for breakthroughs amidst and post Covid-19.

• Measures marketers and sales reps need to adopt during Covid-19

For B2B companies selling products or services that aren’t considered essential during this time, the next few months won’t be easy. They should not take the route of hard selling or be too aggressive with marketing and sales touchpoints, which might come off as insensitive and turn off buyers who are encountering tough decisions about where they need to cut off. Instead, B2B marketers should be empathetic, show compassion, offer solutions while being helpful and consultative. It may not bring in revenues right away, but it will ultimately help them in maintaining and restoring relationships, which will be beneficial once budgets return to normal again.

Some B2B buying is necessary and will continue, especially for B2B tech buyers seeking software to enable working remotely. An email survey conducted in March by the software reviews site TrustRadius asked software buyers across the world about how they expect COVID-19 to impact their spending. Four in ten responded that they would be spending more at least initially to make sure their employees can work from the comfort of their homes with limited roadblocks.

• Lead Generation Approach Needed by the B2B Businesses

Traditionally, B2B in lead generation relies less on digital channels as compared to B2C. However, quarantine and lockdown have resulted in businesses and marketers to rethink how they would now approach companies altogether. With how the current situation is,  sales teams have started treating digital channels such as social media outreach and B2B video conferencing, webinars, etc. with more respect. B2B sellers are fast turning to online channels out of necessity, than a choice. Therefore, it’s safe to say that, at least in the short term, this has become the ‘new normal’ for B2B lead builders.

Now is an excellent opportunity to generate B2B sales leads, for instance, through a startup database. B2B lead building during these tough times is helping organizations and marketers get a good grip on one another’s plight. Logic dictates that even when traditional physical networking makes a comeback, many businesses would still want to rely on these channels more than ever before. Now they know that strong digital interaction is just a click away and available 24×7, it’s a resource many will tap into.

Despite some hiccups, this whole situation is unprecedented across the spectrum. The knock-on effect of COVID-19 on B2B lead generation and marketing is that we are more likely to adopt alternative channels and resources to generate revenue. Evidently, more and more businesses are turning to digital channels with zeal and enthusiasm.

• Being Empathetic in your Outreach and Messages

It’s the time to get creative in connecting with people. If your organization has established guidelines for engagement with your customers, you should follow them. This ‘new normal’ is a different world – for everyone. People are anxious. The best approach is to understand them, lead with empathy and connect with your audience on a more personal level. It’s time to think and determine ways to connect with the repository of contacts through personalized communication. Like you, everyone else is at home too, all day-every day, paying more attention than they have before to their gadgets. With so much uncertainty impacting businesses and business-decisions, this approach ensures you have more in-depth, more meaningful conversations that will pay off.

If you have established guidelines for communication, embrace them, learn them, practice them every day. It’s not just for your organization you’re doing it. You’re doing it for your customers, too. And if you find an opportunity, don’t rush to close it. Trying to force will only produce ill will. Be patient. Stay on your messages. And remember- empathy first!

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